Innovation Conference

The conference takes part during the biggest robotics competition in Europe. Welcome to participate conference and register now for free.

Conference brings real life examples, why it is necessary to study engineering, and what problems it solves for society. In addition, it provides an overview of current issues: what, why and where to study, what is the vision of young engineers, entrepreneurs, and the possibilities of the future of robotics in general?

During space conference the participants get to know the latest developments in the field of space technology, scientific achievements and goals in space technology research.

In addition, private initiative companies will present to the popularization of robotics and STEAM. Foreign performers will presenting their countries concept of learning.

The aim of the conference is to reflect Estonia's innovative and competitive development of science-based activities to the outside world.

There are 5 sub-events during conference:

  • 01.12.2016 – Delegate conference “Bringing STEAM education closer to the students”
  • 01.12.2016 – Startup event “Key factors of building successful hardware startup”
  • 02.12.2016 – Speeches from exhibiting companies
  • 02.12.2016 – Science conference “Robotex goes to Space”
  • 03.12.2016 – Educational conference  “New educational models for 21st century school”


The conference is free, but with limited spaces!

The conference agenda

Conference is funded with 29 450 € by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) from European Regional Develoment Fund. The aim is to present Estonia as the destination of international conferences.

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