Robotex 2016 takes place on 2 - 4 December

On this three-day event international robot competitions in known categories will take place.

Additionally, there is much to see at the Technology exhibition and the best works of the creative contests will also be exhibited.

Furthermore, various awarding ceremonies will take place and all interested in robotics have a chance to participate in workshops targeted at different age groups.

More than 1,000 robot builders and approximately 15,000 spectators are expected to take part in the project held at TUT Sports Hall. Robotex is organised by Tallinn University of Technology in cooperation with the University of Tartu and Information Technology Foundation for Education.

Robot competitions

Challenges are available for all, despite their technical level or age. Many competitive tasks have been prepared on the basis of international standards, which provides an opportunity to compete with the same robots in other parts of the world later on.

Participating in robot competitions is FREE!

Creative contests

The project managers of Robotex are of the opinion that promoting science should start at an early stage and the creative contests are one of the measures that allows doing it. As a final result, several target groups, from pre-schoolers to fanatics of the specified area, will be involved.


One of the directions of Robotex is to offer practical and manual robot-related activities also to those people who lack knowledge in engineering or have not had an opportunity to engage in this field. A variety of robotic-related seminars will be carried out and actual programming and robot building will be taught in the workshops. Also, mini competitions will be held with the robots that have been completed as a result of some workshops.

Technology exhibition

The aim of the Technology exhibition is to demonstrate the recent achievements in technology for those who are interested in robotics and to promote science and engineering specialties through interactive products. Also, bringing the companies and students together as a result is taken very seriously to ensure the next generation of engineers and high-quality jobs and traineeship opportunities for students.

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